Concept to Profit
  •  Social Media, Print Media, & Marketing Campaigns  
  •  Event Planning, Coordination, Fundraising, & Implementation  
  •  SEO, Graphics, &  Brand Story, Creation
Gordon Duncan and Vince Blubaugh would meet regularly to discuss life, family, ministry, and business.  
What they discovered is they both had a passion:  Taking ideas and turning them into reality. Each did that through various vehicles. 
Vince through coaching, business development, and even Nascar sponsorships. 
Gordon through church planting, medical consulting, and human resource development. 
After years of talking and dreaming, they agreed it was time to turn another idea into reality, and thus, CTP was born. 
The hope behind CTP is that by combining both influences and backgrounds, a true partnership could be created.  
CTP was the come alongside companies, non-profits, and individuals to help them take their concepts and bring them to reality and profitability.   
So far, that is exactly what we’ve been able to do as we have already enabled the dreams of 
universities, eye doctors, realtors, and so many other companies. 
Now, we want to help you. 
CTP offers a wide variety of services, the greatest of which is 
understanding your needs and ideas and creating a plan to bring them to market. 
The least helpful thing for your company would be a pre-form or pre-packaged approach to marketing. 
 CTP seeks to understand you, your product, and service to then create a customized approach to meet your goals. 
Towards that end, we offer social media services, SEO, event coordination, contract sales, 
campaign creation, fundraising, and tons of other services.   
And even you have a need we can’t meet, 
we’ll find someone who can help you.  Just ask   
Is there a need for another marketing company? 
That’s the question we asked.  There are literally thousands of companies out there 
promising to help you sell or market your idea, service, and product.  
But in our research, there was a need.  There was a gap, a blank space.   
Marketing needed a more hands-on approach coupled with a charitable desire 
to do good in the world beyond the selling of a product.   
Out of that awareness, Vince and Gordon created CTP. 
Fighting against the corporate tide of marketing, 
Gordon and Vince give each of their clients unique, dedicated time 
(no cookie cutter seminars here) coupled with a 20% commitment to giving.   
That means that, as Vince and Gordon combine their 60+ years of marketing, 
coaching, and creating skills, they will also give at least 20% of their revenues 
towards efforts like military appreciation, missionary work, and disaster relief. 
Our recipe is:  
Personal Attention + Doing Good = An Impact in Both Your World and the World at Large  

CTP makes it incredibly easy to get in touch with us.  
To meet your needs, we attempt to be as accessible as possible.  
If you don’t get us at first try, we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.  
Here is our contact information: 
Phone:  540-422-3188
Phone:  919-412-8161 
Amy, Administrator  
Phone:  919-961-2422

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